Since 2011, digital advertising has been gaining a lot of traction and many of us think that print ads have become obsolete now. This is true that digital advertising has taken the place of print advertising in many spaces however, print is not gone.

You might be surprised to know that print marketing has been growing and is a lot more successful than digital advertising in some spaces. In other words, businesses still need printing services in Dubai for better marketing.

Let’s look at some of the reasons for which businesses still prefer print advertising over digital advertising.

Print Ads are Considered More Trustworthy

A survey by MarketingSherpa reveals that customers trust print advertising mediums more than other advertising mediums when making shopping decisions.

The reason is that ads published in magazines and newspapers present a product/service as something credible that online ads lack. This shows that print advertising has a significant edge over digital advertising.

Print Ads are More Engaging

Print advertising allows businesses to include visual traits like colors, different fonts, pictures, and textures in advertisements. Research reveals that we can recall 65% of the graphic content that we view nearly three days later.

Furthermore, print advertisements allow brands to connect with their target audience emotionally which digital ads may lack. That’s why magazine ads are still a popular way of marketing a business.

Consumers Recall Print Advertisements Better than Digital Ones

Interestingly, science has found that print ads have a 70% more probability that a customer will recall your business than digital ads. The reason is simple. The internet is full of diversions. A page where your ad is displayed may have loads of other ads, links, options, and calls to action which can distract your customer.

On the contrary, newspapers have fewer distractions, and people manually go through advertisements while engaging with your content. Users quickly skim online content but view/read print ads slowly and deliberately.

This helps them to understand and remember your business/products. It means that print advertising makes a more lasting impact on consumers which results in increased sales.

In addition to that, brain scans have discovered that print ads and digital ads activate parts of the brain differently from each other. They showed that tangible ads stimulate your brains to process information more emotionally which helps us to remember a brand and its products/services.

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Print Ads Get to Leave Many Impressions

Print advertisements have a longer shelf life than digital advertisements. For example, if you place an ad on Facebook, your advertisement will only be visible to your target customer until they keep using Facebook. Or your ad on google will only be visible to your consumer until they keep using Google.

In contrast to that, print ads stay until their medium loses its value. Magazines/newspapers often stay on our tables, desks, or counters until the entire newspaper is thrown in the recycling bin.

Print advertisements are tangible and someone has to physically deliver them to a customer’s place. After that, it stays there for a long duration of time which allows it to make many impressions. Moreover, it passes from one person to another which keeps increasing consumer reach for at least a fortnight.

Many marketers prefer digital advertising because it helps them to obtain results in less time while print ads gradually increase in value while they are moving from person to person and office to office. Print ads are a better option over the long haul and have a greater potential for replication beyond the first reader.

Readers Connect with Print Ads Differently

Readers subscribe to a magazine only if it talks about their interests or passions which is a great benefit of print ads. This helps even plain and uninteresting advertisements to catch their audience’s attention.

This is because advertisements published in a magazine/newspaper are usually relevant to its content. Readers deliberately choose to buy a newspaper/magazine because they want to view the ads along with other content of the magazine.

Simply put, advertisements add value to a newspaper and help readers to excel at their jobs and learn about their hobbies. They enhance that experience rather than interrupt it.

Plus, your ad in a magazine will only be read by its subscribers who also happen to be your target audience as the subject of your ad aligns with the magazine’s material.

On the flip side, a user views a digital ad solo unaccompanied by any related content. Ads show up according to user demographics while in newspapers, this isn’t very important.

Furthermore, readers have a different thought process when they view printed content than online content. They consume that magazine to find a particular type of content so it’s a great opportunity for marketers to provide maximum value to them.


Print advertisements breathe life into your brand with their tangibility and come off as something serious. They are considered to be more credible which increases engagement. On the other hand, people find online pop-up ads rather annoying. It means that they are more likely to read your printed ad versus a digital one.