Customers nowadays are smarter than ever which means that grabbing their attention has also become harder. They know what kind of product they need and why they need it when they visit a tradeshow.

 If you want to develop an expressive relationship with them, you have to personalize their experience with you. There are a lot of simple and powerful methods to do that. Keep reading if you want to rock your next event.

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1. Posters: Simple, Effective, and Affordable

Use posters to announce promotions, services, products, or future events. Advertisement posters are a super economical, easy, and simple way to help you stand out from the crowd at the event and are very visible to the visitors.

Free Online Poster Maker: Design Custom Posters With Canva

Your poster should have your brand name and offer in bold and big letters. Try to deliver your message in minimum words. Leave more information for your promotional material.

2. Distribute Flyers to Reach More People

Flyers provide you with an inexpensive way to market your products and promote your company or event. Distribute flyers among attendees on the go and promote your business simply and effectively.

Flyer design and printing

 It will encourage people to visit your stand. You can offer a discount or deal only valid during the event. It will intrigue attendees about your offerings and they will be more likely to visit your booth.

You can also take the services of a company that offers flyer printing in Dubai to get professional and immaculately printed flyers.

3. Banners Deliver a Loud Message

Make sure that you use banners at your trade show booth to transmit your message strong and clear. You can hoist them on a wall or install them on a stand. The best part is that you can use the same banners for many events as they are long-lasting.

Custom Banners Printing


Carefully choose the color of the text and logo to ensure that they are clearly visible against the background colors. If you have no idea about banner printing, you can take the help of professionals.

4. Foam Boards Attract Attendees In

Foam boards are an economical, versatile, and trendy method to grab attention. Set them up on a wall or stand and they will catch everyone’s eyes. Stand-mounted foam boards work as an efficient standalone symbol. Furthermore, their lightweight allows for effortless transfer when the site fills up.

Foam Boards

Use a foam board to broadcast a special deal, free products, or presentation to tempt attendees onto your booth.

5. Wear Professional Attire to Deliver a Consistent Image

Remember that people often judge your business with your clothing. Your whole team should sport customized polos with your logo inscribed on them. The main purpose is to look professional and smart. If your whole team is wearing shirts featuring your brand logo, it will transmit a consistent image.

This will make you noticeable and you will be promoting your brand whether you are present on your stand or not. Include your brand colors so that visitors recognize which business you belong to.

6. Hand Out an Articulate Set of Marketing Content to Your Visitors

You can’t possibly talk to everyone who stops by your stand in detail. The simple solution is to create a coherent set of promotional material and give it to all your visitors. It will promote your brand without you uttering a word.

Moreover, if you combine all the benefits of your products/services in a comprehensive brochure, you can use it to make people excited about your business.

7. Use Brochures to Differentiate Your Business

Brochures are a great way of showing your prospective customers the complete range of your products and services. You can include a list of prices or can use this opportunity to narrate the tale of the birth of your business.

Brochure designs | Adobe InDesign

Write captivating and succinct content in the brochure to stand out from other similar businesses. It should give your audience a reason to purchase from you and skip them.

You should be able to find companies that provide services for brochure printing in Dubai. They can make a professional-looking brochure for you.

8. Use Postcards to Connect With Your Audience

You can use postcards for a lot of purposes. You can hand out postcards to attendees as coupons during the event. Or make a special offer postcard and send it to all the new people you met, after the trade show.


If you don’t have a special offer, try sending a postcard as a thank you note to get in touch with new customers after the event. It will make them feel special which will increase the chances that they will remember your company.

9. Hand Out Free Stuff and Giveaways to Impress People

 Freebies offer a great way to increase your brand awareness. Get your logo printed on hanging bags or sports packs and distribute them at the event. People will be advertising your brand unconsciously when they will roam around inside the venue.

Moreover, visitors will be happy with you because you provide them with something to carry their food items, water, and other stuff during the tradeshow.

Advertising Specialty Institute conducted a study that discovered that about 85% of the audiences remember the brand name if they get a giveaway or freebie from that business.

You can give away printed shirts, free samples, sunglasses, patches, buttons, or stickers. If you want to make a more powerful impression, try giving branded coffee mugs, water bottles, chocolates, notebooks, or mobile device accessories.